UV printing VS Dye-Sublimation printing on custom canopy tent
May 14, 2024
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As commercial and outdoor activities become more prevalent,there is a growing demand for customized canopy tents that meet high standards of quality and design.Your brand or outdoor event’s choice of canopy tent not only emphasizes high quality and material,but tent signs,graphics, and slogans are also particularly important,aiming to enhance the quality of your brand logo and make your marketing activities more choose the best printing technology according to your needs,This is the main issue that you and your business need to pay attention to,This article provides a detailed introduction to the process of two printing technologies.

plain canopy tents and custom canopy tents

What is UV printing?

When we talk about UV Printing, it’s an advanced printing technology that uses special UV ink containing photosensitive agents. After the ink is applied to the surface of the canopy tent, exposure to ultraviolet light triggers a chemical reaction with the photosensitive agents, forming a durable printing layer.UV printing requires specialized printing equipment, including inkjet printers or flatbed printers. UV printed fabric is brightly colored, wear-resistent and tear-resistent. It is not easy to fade over time or tear apart. Meanwhile, there is no vocs produced during the printing process, .Therefore, UV printing is widely used in brand logo and slogan printing on tents, bringing revolutionary changes and developments to customized printed tents.

What is Dye-sublimation printing?

Different from UV printing, Dye-sublimation printing involves printing a designed image in reverse onto a special transfer paper using disperse dye inks. This coated medium, typically a transfer paper but sometimes a transfer film, is then used in conjunction with a heat press.The next step is to place the transfer paper with the canopy tent fabric into the heat press, applying heat and pressure. As the heating process occurs, the solid pigment particles from the ink transform directly into a gas. This gas then permeates the fibers of the tent fabric through a sublimation process. As a result, the dull colors initially printed on the transfer paper are transformed into vibrant and permanent colors on the fabric.

UV printing VS Dye-Sublimation printing

As we know, rather than subjectively saying that UV printing or Dye-sublimation printing is better, it is better to say which is better under certain conditions.tents made by UV printing have the characteristics of color stability,fast delivery and high durability. It is suitable for large-scale commercial outdoor activities and can be used for a long time with one investment. Even more complex is that you also need a large number of other accessories, such as hot press machines, specific inks, etc.Tents produced by Dye-sublimation printing are cost-saving and easy to transport, and are suitable for low-frequency use, relatively stable environments and indoor scenes.It have the slight advantage in that you don’t necessarily need a dedicated device, rather you can convert select InkJet printers for sublimation. This can save you money if you so happen to have one lying around, but otherwise these units are more expensive. And though you need less of it, the cost of the best sublimation paper and ink can set you back.

Printing methods of canopy tents

Make a clear choice for the custom tent you are going to customize.

Before deciding which printing type is best for you, you need to consider a few questions:

1,What is the environment and weather in the area where you sell the tents?

2、What is your budget?

3,How long is the service life of the tents you provide?

When your customers are preparing for a long-term business or outdoor event, the tent may be exposed to UV rays, rain and strong winds for a long time, but you also want your tent to quickly and long-term become the center of the event to achieve your desired marketing or event effect, then using UV printing when customizing tents is a good choice. If the tent you plan to customize is used less frequently, mostly used in indoor environments, not easy to damage, outstanding customization effects and relatively low cost, then using dye sublimation printing when customizing tents is definitely a good choice.


No matter which printing method your canopy tent uses,it can provide UV protection as well as protection from wind and rain. Bright colors and durability ensure your brand exposure and recognition, making your commercial or outdoor activities memorable.

Extremetent has always been committed to providing high-quality products. As our flagship product, canopy tents, inflatable tents also use these two printing methods, which are UV-resistant, waterproof, color-stable, not easy to wear and tear, and personalized customization. When you customize canopy tents in bulk, you may have other questions. Please feel free to contact us. We are very happy to help you

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