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About Extremetent
Extremetent is from Hangzhou, China, we are a manufacturer with many years of experience in canopy manufacturing and design, our products are involved in almost all types of large events, motorsports, merchandising and marketing, our main goal is to be the one you need to showcase your The go-to company for companies, brands and events. The reason why we can determine this goal is because we have always stood in your position. We know that low-quality and unreliable canopy tents will cause trouble to most people. We always stick to the first level of production quality, good The excellent delivery service is the unanimous approval of our customers. Please contact us and we can discuss any type of product with you and work with our talented designers to turn your ideas into reality.
Factory Experience
We have been engaged in the production of exhibition tents, sunshade products and exhibition advertising products for nearly 20 years. Since its establishment, our company has always put product quality first and was one of the first manufacturers to introduce high-quality aluminum profile folding tents to the European market. In recent years, our company has introduced advanced European parasol manufacturing technology and launched high-end garden umbrellas and market umbrellas. Our factory headquarters has a 200,00 sq. ft. production facility to produce export orders quickly and with high quality. Our company has a high-quality R&D team and a professional production workshop that can handle customized production needs, as well as digital printing services, with fast turnaround speed to complete customized printing orders. Enhance your brand image with impressive, fully customizable canopies.
Extremetent’s Service
Excellent service dedicated to you
As a professional commercial tent manufacturer, Extremetent is committed to providing customers with a full range of high-quality services so that you can enjoy a worry-free shopping experience.
Tailor-made to meet needs
We understand that every customer's needs are different. Therefore, no matter what specifications and styles of canopy tents you need, our professional team will carry out mass customized production according to your specific requirements to ensure that the delivered products fully meet your expectations.
Expert support solves problems easily
If you encounter any questions or concerns while using our products, our team of product experts is standing by. Whether it is installation, maintenance or troubleshooting, we will provide you with professional guidance and answers as soon as possible to ensure that your problems are properly solved.
Long-term maintenance and eternal quality
Our insistence on product quality does not end with the sales process. When you purchase one of our tents, you'll enjoy free inspections and repairs for up to five years. During this period, our professional team will regularly conduct comprehensive inspections of your tent to detect and resolve potential problems in a timely manner to ensure that your tent is durable and of consistent quality.
Choose Extremetent
When you choose Extremetent, you choose a trustworthy partner. Our customer-centered service concept is dedicated to protecting your business. Contact us now and experience Extremetent’s excellent service!
Extremetent is a manufacturer of professional awning R&D and production.
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