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Kapri Centre Pole Umbrella

Fabric Features

luxurious & superior the finest possible European made solution dyed acrylic.

Structure Features

Marine-Grade Anodized Aluminum Material

Centre pole & ribs feature surface weather resistance, corrosion resistance, anti ultraviolet, Essential for outdoor environment.


High-Quality Nylon Hub

Durable,Bearing strength and beautiful


High-Strength Aluminum Ribs

High-quality moulded nylon arm Joints


Self-Tensioning Tips

The top of the ribs adopts retractable parts and stainless steel fixings.

Height Adjustable

Easily adjust the height of the umbrella about 40-50cm

Crank Lift System

Extremely smooth crank, Easy to use for everyone

Automatically Tilt

Turning the crank further can realize automatic tilting

Custom Printing


900D Heavy-Duty Polyester + UV Printing Technology

We adopt advanced UV custom printing technology and provide full printing services available.

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