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Custom Guidelines

Custom Printing Guidelines

Adobe Illustrator CC (or earlier) – Al,EPS,PDF,SVG
Must convert all fonts and stroke-weights to outline. Artwork should be supplied in vector format. All raster objects in artwork must be appropriate resolution.

Adobe Photoshop CC(or earlier) -PSD,PSB,TIF,JPG,PNG
Must rasterize your fonts and save files as. psd (if you have layers or need transparency). lmage resolution should be at 150 dpi at 100% actual size artwork is to be printed or 300 dpi at 50%. the actual printed size.
  • Please provide a small brief about you idea or provide a small brief about you idea or indicate any special positioning requirements of your graphic on the printing panel.
  • File color mode must be CMYK.RGB-colored art needs to be converted to CMYK prior to submission. If requesting Pantone matching, Call out all PMS colors, we cannot print HEX or coded, metallic or florescent colors.
  • Pantone colors / PMS can be supplied they will be converted to a CMYK breakdown for digital printing. If you don’t have PMS/CMYK codes please let us know what color you would like to achieve.
  • All fonts and strokes need to be converted to outlines. All linked files and images need to be embedded.
  • The submitted artwork files need to remove any overprints or transparency effects.
  • For digital printing, black colors need to be changed to the CMYK value 75,67,67,89
    • Digitally printed fabric colors may not exactly match dyed fabric colors.
    • We use CMYK printers to create these graphics. 100% reproduction of defined colors is not possible. Differences between colors in the printed and original file can occur at many different stages.
  • Variations in color or shading are often a result of viewing on un-calibrated equipment (monitors, printers, etc).Colors will often appear different when viewed on two different monitors or output devices. Without accurate color information, we have no way of ensuring that expected colors will be achieved.
  • You will need Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop to use the templates. Keep everything in separate layers if your using photoshop.
  • File color mode must be CMYR.RGB-colored art needs to be converted to CMYK prior to submission. If requesting Pantone matching, Call out all PMS colors, we cannot print HEX or coded, metallic or florescent colors.
  • All fonts and strokes need to be converted to outlines. All linked files and images need to be embedded.
  • Please place all graphic or logos inside the ‘Edge of Panel Zone , each panel you are printing is unlimited color and graphics wise, stay inside the ‘Edge of Panel Area’. The background color or custom background needs to extend all the way to the ‘Blue Bleed Line Zone’. Care should be taken were ‘Black Stitch Lines’ are indicated, please avoid putting texts, graphics and fine details in these areas.
  • Our templates are designed at 10% scale of the final product. Please refer to the ‘Bleed’ layer to build your artwork and place artwork on the ‘Design Layer’ of this document. Rasterized (Photoshop) artwork to be supplied at a minimum 720 dpi to suit this template size.
  • Click Here to download related templates that you need.
  • Email your artwork to graphics@yimushede.com
  • Alternatively, you may also use an FTP site such as Dropbox, Hightail, WeTransfer, etc. to upload your file and email us the link.
  • Please compress all files and folders using the ZlP file format and name the file.
  • Select product category and size.
  • Place an order.
  • Submit your artwork and a small brief about your idea.
  •  After receiving your email, we will confirm all details of the artwork with you.
  • Our graphics team will complete the artwork layout and email it to you. If you would like any changes to the artwork,you may make these changes yourself and resubmit the file or choose to have us make the corrections. After the layout file has been confirmed, we will send a proof to you for your approval.
  • Production & delivery will take approximately 5-10 business days. Let our team know if you are on a tight schedule.

Efficient Processes

Excellent Design Team

High Quality Printing

Unlimited Colors​​​​​​​


  • Q I’m not a designer. How do l do the artwork?

    A You don’t. we have a team of designers waiting to complete your artwork. Just tell our team how you want your product to look and our team will handle the rest free of charge.
  • Q How long does it take to get a custom product?

    A It usually takes one to two weeks after you have approved your artwork to when you will receive the final product. We do have the ability to expedite orders so just let our team know if you are working to a tight due date.
  • Q How many colors can l have in the artwork?

    A our canopy uses a digital paper sublimation printing process and as such you can have an unlimited number of colors on your tent. Whether you want one color or 100 colors our prices will not increase.
  • Q l have my own designer, can they do the artwork?

    A Yes certainly. if you have your own designer or have the skills yourself than you can certainly make your own custom design. All templates and layouts can be found on our resources page.
  • Q Can l have a real photo printed on my custom product?

    A As long as the image is of a high quality we can pint it. If the images is of a lower quality when the image is expanded to cover the roof or wall it may become pixelated. Our graphics team will review all photographic images prior to production.
  • Q Which areas of the custom product can l print on?

    A The printing area of our products cover almost all outer panels. The only difference is that some product side panels can be printed on both sides, and some can only be printed on one side. Please consult our sales for more details.
  • Q Can you print my PMS color?

    A Yes certainly. If your company uses a certain PMS color or has a strict style guide send it over to us for our graphics team to follow.
  • Q Can l see what the custom product will look like before l order?

    A Yes. Our team provides complimentary mock ups. If you would like a mock-up just let our team know and we can have it arranged.
  • Q What type of printing method is used?

    A We usually use ‘Full Color Dye sublimation Printing’ and ‘UV Quality Printing’. Both printing methods can appear bright and vivid colors and good color fastness. At the same time, the fabrics and prices used in these two printing methods are different. You can talk to our experts to get a professional advice.
  • Q Do l order online?

    A You can call  +86 571-57175501 to contact us, or send us an email ( info@extremetent.com ) to get a free quote.
  • Q ls the custom product fabric durable?

    A Yes. We use 600D or 900D PU coated polyester fabric for all most of our custom products. Banners and flags, we use special 110g knitted fabric
  • Q What format does my logo or artwork file need to be in?

    A We prefer illustrator vector files but Photoshop or high resolution jpeg will suffice.
  • Q Can you print neon colors or have a metallic color on the custom product roof?

    A Unfortunately not. This is our one limitation when getting a custom top. We try to find the brightest neon in the Pantone book but it will not have a neon effect.
  • Q My sales consultant provided me with a mock up during the process. Is this the file that will be printed?

    A No. The mock-up provided will be a low resolution of what the canopy will look like. After you decide to move forward with your order our graphics team will turn your mock-up into a high resolution print ready file.
  • Q l already have a plain product roof. Can you print on it?

    A No. Unfortunately we can not print on already produced roofs. This is because our process involves printing the individual roof panels first and sewing them together last.
  • Q What is the difference between the single sided and double sided custom tent walls

    A Walls can either have printing on one site and a plain color on the opposite side(single sided printing) or they can have printing on both sides (double sided printing). our 600D / 900D PU coated polyester that we use for printing is white. Therefore if you choose a single sided wall the reverse color will be white. During the artwork process our team will ask you if you want the printing to face internally within the custom tent or if you would prefer it to face outwards .If you choose double sided printing you can have printing on both sides of the wall.When manufacturing double sided printed walls we use three pieces of fabric. The inside printed fabric, the outside printed fabric and also a lockout layer in the middle.
  • Q What color will the inside of the custom tent roof be?

    A We print on white 600D or 900D PU coated polyester. Therefore, the reverse side of the printed fabric will be white.
  • Q What are the dotted lines on the custom tent artwork layout?

    A The dotted lines on the artwork template are just the stitching lines. They will not be seen on the final product. They are on the layout to help our production team make the final product.

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